Suppression of ambrosia

City Loznica, Health center and public companies through the public works have started an active campaign of prevention of ambrosia, weed plants whose pollen undermines the health of citizens. This is stated Mayor Loznica Mr. Vidoje Petrovic at today's press conference at the Town Office. Action will be the removal of ambrosia by zones and the first started in Lagatoru, above the city pool directed by public companies''City''.
             - We will help the Department of Urban Planning and the Office for Youth to create a map with areas where the increased presence and negative impact of pollen from these plants, said the mayor Vidoje Petrovic. Lagator is the first site to remove the weeds in the plan is a great action in the five zones - the city, Loznickom Polje, Spa Koviljaca, Klupci and Lesnica. Initiate a call to the citizens, together with employees of public companies''Our House'',''City''and the Directorate for the development and management of Banja Koviljaca contribute to the development of a unique directory-map of the area which is ambrosia in the expansion. This will serve to the action plan and systematically organized, which has been regulated by legislation removal along roads, fields and pasture neobrađenih. This initiative lozničkog Mayor Vidoje Petrovic media will popularize all electronic and printed public media city Loznica.