Days of Jovan Cvijic

The days of Jovan Cvijic 08.10.-11.10.2008. - Traditional days of Jovan Cvijic were held past weekend, organized by Loznica Cultural Centre "Vuk Karadzic" and Primary School "Jovan Cvijic". The program named   "Honoring Cvijic" was started on Wednesday by the public debate   "Jovan Cvijic and ethno psychology" at which prof., Ph. D. Bojan Jovanovic from the Balcanology Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science held a lecture. The event was  resumed on Thursday in Jovana Cvijica St. by the exhibition of Marija Scekic, named" Future of Banja Koviljaca". Prof. Ph.D. Stevan M. Stankovic also was a guest to Loznica, he held a lecture in Culture Centre on Friday on "From Loznica to Eternity". The final ceremony took place of Saturday, first by depositing wreaths on monument of Jovan Cvijic and then by cultural-art program performed by the pupils and teachers of the Primary School "Jovan Cvijic" from Loznica and lecture held by prof. Stevan M. Stankovic.