Loznica was awarded business friendly certificate

Loznia is among the first three certified Serbian towns

 - On Thusday, September 30, 2008, the Mayors of Loznica, Kragujevac and Indija received in the House of National assembly in Belgrade business friendly certificates. This certificate shall practically ensure leadership position  to Loznica, Kragujevac and Indija with potential investors since these three towns shall be recommended as progressive, modern and open for new investments. The certificates were handed over by Minister of the Economics and Regional Development, Mr. Mladjan Dinkic and his excellence, USA Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Cameron Manter. Dinkic pointed out that Serbia was facing "final transition stage" in which "Greenfield investments" shall be dominant, American Ambassador Cameron Manter reiterated that business friendly certificates  clearly present a strong sign to investors to invest in Loznica, Kragujevac and Indjija. He stressed that these three towns are good example for other towns and municipalities.
            The Mayor of Loznica, Mr. Vidoje Petrovic noted that this is one recognition more  in an array of awards received for the hard  work of his team over the course of the past four years. "It now remains for us to materialize this recognition through new "Greenfield "investments and new working posts. Our goal is the same as in the beginning.  We shall exert efforts to ensure conditions for the significant improvement of the living standard in Loznica.  New web site of the City of Loznica shall be soon posted, it will contain many innovations such as "e-government" that will facilitate the work to all residents but also to prospective investors in terms of issuance of required forms through this site, so that they do not have to enter the City hall building at all . "- said Vidoje Petrovic.